DVC PLANNERS PRECISION SHEET METAL LAYOUT MANUAL #1 (FREE ONLINE VERSION) INTRODUCTION If   you   have   been   working   in   a   sheet   metal   shop,   plan   to   work   in one,   or   just   want   to   sharpen   and   improve   your   skills   with   sheet   metal then this manual will help you to do that. The   goal   of   this   manual   is   to   help   you   gain   an   understanding   of precision    sheet    metal    layout    and    show    you    how    to    do    flat    pattern development   while   becoming   more   efficient   with   math   in   the   shop. Therefore   the   first   part   of   this   manual   deals   strictly   with   math   that   is related     to     sheet     metal     development.     Geometry,     Algebra     and Trigonometry   will   all   be   used.   Don’t   let   this   scare   you   because   once you have something to relate it to the math becomes easier. One   way   of   becoming   more   efficient   in   math   is   proper   use   of   the calculator.   The   calculator   is   not   always   used   to   its   fullest   capability   in the   shop   in   most   cases.   Normally   it   is   used   only   as   an   adding   machine.   I have   even   seen   people   with   calculators   that   are   capable   of   trig   functions go   and   look   up   trig   tables   in   a   book   to   complete   a   problem.   People   with calculators   also   go   to   fraction   charts   to   convert   to   decimals   when   it   is just   a   few   key   strokes   away   on   their   calculators.   The   calculator   should be used as a production tool speeding up shop calculations. This   manual   was   designed   to   be   used   with   a   scientific   calculator with   at   least   trigonometry   functions   on   it.   It   should   also   have   direct formula input (Follow mathematical hierarchy  rules. see page: 2 )
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