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90° V Notches
The   90   degree   V   notch   is   not as    difficult    as    you    think    it would   be.   The   minimum   size   of   the V   notch   would   be   according   to   the illustration   at   center   right.   If extra   clearance   is   desired   then ten   or   fifteen   thousandths   can   be added    to    the    D2    dimension. Remember   whatever   you   add   to   the D2   dimension   half   of   it   needs   to be   added   to   the   D3   dimension.   The notch   is   located   by   placing   the   V in    the    middle    of    the    bend deduction   mold   lines,   D1   (which is    where    the    brake    punch    is located   for   forming).   The   angle between the V is 90 degrees.  
D1 = Length - (B.D)/2 D2 = FLANGE - B.D. + Flange D3 = D2 ÷ 2
The 90 degree V-Notch with relief slot. The D2 and D3 depth dimensions are figured the same way.