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More 90° Bends
Work Problems
1. Mat Thk  =              2. Bend Rad =              3. Bend Ded =              4. Dev Len  =              5. Mat Thk  =              6. Bend Ded =              7. Dev Len  =              
When   you   see   dashed   lines   on   a   blue print   then   you   are   dealing   with   phantom lines.   The   solid   lines   are   lines   you can    see    and    the    phantom    lines    are hidden   from   our   view.   In   the   front   view the   two   solid   lines   at   the   bottom   would mean   that   the   flange   is   coming   out toward   us.   Also   in   the   front   view   near the   top   is   a   hidden   line   meaning   that that flange is going away from us. 8. Mat Thk  =              9. Bend Ded =             10.Dev Len  =