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First I’ll list and endorse my own websites. Precision Sheet Metal - Directory of quality metal fabrication job shops sorted by regions. I own this domain and currently it is under construction. DVC Planners - Yes we do sheet metal CAD/CAM design, we make 3d models and create flat patterns, Also we can do contract CNC programming for Turrets, Lasers and Combo machines. - We also buy and sell Domain Names and do some website design work. We have some great “Sheet Metal” related domain names for sale. All dot coms! Names like, and Check them out, make me an offer if you are interested in acquiring any of the names.
These next websites are those of my friends. CompuCraft Fabricators - I’m very partial to this shop and know first hand the quality this metal fabrication job shop exudes. CompuCraft has been a long time customer of mine and I had the privilege of working as the General Manager from May of 2010 until July of 2011. Since 1985 Compucraft Fabricators Inc. has been in the business of precision sheet metal fabrication and precision machining in Pennsylvania. Compucraft's dedicated and skilled workforce has the experience and knowledge to serve a varied and technically discerning customer base. The combination of our talented workforce working with a wide range of CNC fabrication, CNC machining and welding equipment all under one roof, enables us to meet our customers close tolerance fabrication and machining requirements from all specified materials. ISO Certified Quality Management System Quality Assurance To MIL-I-45208A Certified Welding to MIL-STD-1595A for process GTAW Group 1b, 1ia 100% In-process Inspection Certified Inspection Reports Technifab of Virginia - Another quality shop and one that is dear to my heart. Why is this shop so special to me? We go way back in time together. In 1986 I ventured out on my own and started DVC Planners to do contract sheet metal design and programming and to help fabrication shops that get over loaded in their engineering departments from time to time. Well TFVA was my very first customer! They were a brand new shop that just opened their doors. Their first CNC programs were done by DVC Planners! Any ways they have come a long way and are a very capable shop and have done some very crazy stuff.