1. If * = 30 degrees What is #: 2. What is ?: 3. What is $: 4. If # = 95 degrees What is *: 5. What is $: 6. What is ?: 7. If * = 43 degrees What is #: 8. What is ?:
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The two horizontal line segments are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the vertical line segment. For this illustration the # angle should not be less than 90 degrees and the * angle should not be greater than 90 degrees although most of the relations will still be true even if they are. For example * + # is still equal to 180 degrees no matter if * is greater or lesser than 90. Same for ? + $. Pay real close attention to this lesson. These angles are very important because the angle you may need is not the angle that the engineer may have given you on the blueprint.
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