Facts: 1. Has 3 angles and 3 sides. 2. Sum of all angles = 180 degrees 3. Isosceles triangle has two sides that are equal 4. Equilateral triangle has three equal sides And three equal angles, which are always 60 degrees each, (180 3) remember rule 2! 5. An acute angles is less than 90 degrees. 6. An obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees. THE RIGHT ANGLE TRIANGLE IS A VERY USEFUL TOOL! Look around and see how many things can be divided into right angles. One of the keys to developing complex sheet metal parts is by breaking them down into simple right angles. They aren't usually drawn on the blueprint for you. You will have to look for them and imagine where they go. (At the bottom of page:14 there is an example of a commonly used right angle in Precision sheet metal development.) 1. One angle must = 90 degrees 2. The sum of the other two angles must = 90 degrees 3. The right angle sides are called the legs. 4. The side opposite the right angle is called the hypotenuse. Using the 5. If B = A then both D and E = 45 degrees. figure below: 6. If B > A then E > 45 degrees 7. D + E = 90 degrees 8. B 2 + A 2 = C 2 Pythagorean theorem
Right Angle Triangle with Hypotenuse
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