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Sheet Metal Gauges
There are sheet metal gauge charts all around, but I wanted to do one of my own. Gauge charts contain the standard sizes and their decimal equivalent. But in the real world the sizes are different. When calculating developed lengths and specially if you are creating 3D models of sheet metal parts it is “ALWAYS BEST” to use the actual thickness of the material. For example, I don’t know how many times I get a 3D model that is 16GA cold roll steel and the engineer used a thickness of either .060 or .063, not know that in the real world that steel sheet is going to be more like .055 or .056 thick. d
MILD STEEL CHART (Actual Average Thickness) GAUGE THICKNESS 22ga .030 20ga .035 18ga .045 16ga .056 14ga .072 13ga .089 12ga .102 11ga .118 10ga .132