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Solving Triangles
1.C =          . 2.D =          . 3.E =          .
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The   following   problem   will   probably   be   one   of   the   most frequent    trig    problems    that    you    will    encounter    while developing   flat   patterns   with   acute   bend   angles   (See   Acute Bends   Page: 40 ).   You   will   have   to   use   this   problem   when   a dimension   is   given   to   the   center   of   a   radius   or   if   it   is dimensioned   tangent   to   the   outside   of   the   material.   The   "A" dimension   is   one   necessary   for   development.   The   formula   is the same for acute and obtuse angles.
4.  B =           5.  D =           6.  A =           7.  C =           8.  E =          
C bisects rays a & b Rays a & b are tangent to circle