DVC PLANNERS PRECISION SHEET METAL LAYOUT MANUAL #1 (FREE ONLINE VERSION) TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC INTRODUCTION   (Scroll UP for intro.)                       1 ORDER IN THE MATH                                           2 ENGLISH DECIMALS                                            3 GEOMETRY; POINTS, LINES, SEGMENTS, & RAYS                   4 PLANES, PLANE AND SOLID GEOMETRY                            5 CIRCLES                                                     6 TRIANGLES                                                   7 LOOKING AT TRIGONOMETRY A COMMON SENSE APPROACH             8 SOME COMMON SENSE TRIG FORMULAS                             9 RIGHT ANGLE TRIANGLES                                       10 TRIGONOMETRY MADE SIMPLE                                    10 WHERE TWO SIDES ARE KNOWN                                   11 PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM                                         12 INTERSECTING LINES AND ANGLE RELATIONS                      13 SOLVING TRIANGLES                                           14 PROBLEM SOLVING                                             15 COORDINATE SYSTEMS                                          16 NC ANGULAR ORIENTATION                                      17 BENDING                                                     18 BEND ALLOWANCE                                              19 BEND DEDUCTION                                              20 MORE ON BEND DEDUCTION                                      21 90 DEGREE BENDS                                             22 90 DEGREE BENDS Cont.                                       23 DIMENSIONING INTERNAL FEATURES                              24 NEUTRAL LINE THEORY                                         25 NEUTRAL LINE 90° BENDS                                      26 NEUTRAL LINE ACUTE BENDS                                    27 NEUTRAL LINE OBTUSE BENDS                                   28 ACTUAL BEND TESTS                                           29 NOTCHES                                                     30 RELIEF NOTCHES                                              31 90 DEGREE V NOTCHES                                         32 BEND RELIEFS                                                33 BEND RELIEF SLOTS                                           34 HEMS                                                        35 JOGGLES AND OFFSETS                                         36 WORK PROBLEMS                                               37 SOME COMMON DEVELOPMENT PROBLEMS                            39 ACUTE BENDS                                                 40 OBTUSE BENDS                                                41 OBTUSE AND ACUTE WORK PROBLEMS                              42 WORK PROBLEM "SOMEPART"                                     46 WORK PROBLEM "SAMPLE"                                       48 DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS                               50 ANSWER KEY                                                  51 BEND DEDUCTION/BEND ALLOWANCE CHART                         55 ADDITIONAL BONUS MATERIAL: Sheet Metal Gauge Sizes HOLES NEAR EDGES COMPOUND ANGLES PUNCH PRESS TRICKS DIMENSIONING FEATURES ON ARCS SELECTING BASIC BRAKE DIES BOX WITH SPOT-WELDED FLANGES BACK TO INTRODUCTION
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